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In this live Terra casino guide, you’ll find the best sites of 2022.

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Pick Your Best Live Terra Casinos

It is important to consider various criteria to ensure you find a safe live Terra casino that meets your expectations.

Our recommendations focus on the following features.

Please note that the better you understand your preferences, the easier it is to make the right choice.

We created this guide because we know it is difficult to find an easy-to-use, enjoyable and trustworthy live dealer LUNA casino.


In the saturated world of live casino sites accepting Terra, reputation is everything.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of scam sites keen to take your hard-earned money.

This is why we spend so much time finding out all we can about the online reputation of each website we review.

We read as many customer reviews as possible, including user complaints, to help you find legit live Terra casino sites.

Another important step involves outlining whether live LUNA casino sites have high-quality licensing.

The caliber of online casino licenses varies significantly.

We look into the standard of licensing held by live casinos with LUNA, along with the number of valid licenses they have.

Our team also speaks to real players of live dealer Terra casino sites to give us a first-hand account of what they experienced.

We combine playing casino companies for hours and online investigations with chats with actual users.

Overall, you can rest assured that what you read in our review closely reflects what you’ll find once you play on a site.

Important UX elements

When you’re playing online, you want variety, and that is why we’ve included live LUNA casinos with plenty of options to keep you entertained.

Each live casino site accepting LUNA on this list has been researched and reviewed to ensure the best player experience possible for you.

Many factors are taken into account to get a final rating for each casino website. It’s not just about games!

Quality of customer service

Imagine hitting a slots jackpot, but your account isn’t credited with the right amount.

All the glitz and glamor in the world won’t make you feel better if the live dealer Terra casino company’s customer support team isn’t available to help.

We determine whether the customer service team responds quickly enough and rate each agent’s training standard.

Furthermore, we see if a site has live chat, an email address, and a phone number, and if the options are inadequate, we’ll tell you.

Payment methods

It is standard for casino websites to permit bank transfers and accept credit cards and debit cards.

Nonetheless, such payment methods are barely the minimum standard for online casinos users these days.

Our team looks into the different ways to deposit and withdraw, especially the range of digital assets one can utilize.

Furthermore, we take note of the speed of transactions, paying special attention to withdrawals.

Will you get your money quickly, or does the live dealer Terra casino site make things as hard as possible?

We guarantee that you’ll know the answer as soon as we do!

Volume and variety of games

Although having great games alone doesn’t guarantee entertainment, it goes a long way!

As a result, the quality and quantity of games provided by live Terra casinos remain an important part of our review process.

It is essential to have enough games to retain interest, but they also need to be of a certain standard.

Accordingly, we start by ensuring that the live dealer Terra casino in question has a few thousand games, as this is what top-rated sites tend to provide.

Then we dig into the caliber of the games, emphasizing what current players think.

Available bonuses and promotions

Successful live Terra casino sites understand the value of offering customers useful bonuses.

Regarding this important element of online casinos, we analyze:

  • Whether the welcome bonus is worth your while

  • The stipulations that come with each bonus

  • How often a site provides promotions and special offers

  • Whether the VIP program will make you feel like a valuable player

Armed with the information above, our team lets you know what to expect from a site.

Prohibited countries

Casinos are subject to legal restrictions depending on where you live.

Consequently, you’ll find that some places allow every live dealer Terra casino while others allow none.

Therefore, we’ve thoroughly researched each live casino with LUNA to show you what’s available in your location.

You can set your country preference at the top of the page on the right-hand side.

Choose the flag that represents where you live, and your results are filtered to show what is available there.

Here's Why You Should Pick Live Terra Casinos

Our list of top-rated live Terra casinos provides an assortment of options for your enjoyment.

However, the best casino sites aren’t just about games.

The best online casino sites have other features as well.

Live casinos accepting LUNA usually have more to offer than traditional sites.

This fact alone may have you ready to give LUNA sites a try.

As you browse the live dealer casino sites that accept LUNA on our top-rated list, you’ll want to remember these factors.

Financial autonomy

Compared to fiat currency, which is restrictive, live dealer casino with Terra users enjoy the anonymity and financial freedom of using digital assets.

Here are the two primary concerns they feel are addressed by Terra.

Shield yourself from problems with inflation

Record inflation is causing people to reflect upon the ever-reduced spending power of fiat.

Terra advocates suggest it acts as security against inflation.

Admittedly, digital assets remain volatile in the short to medium term but could prove a valuable long-term investment.

In the world of investing, a bull market is a situation where share prices rise, encouraging buying.

With crypto, it is possible to ride this bull market, with the possibility of large gains in a short timeframe.

The digital currency market is no stranger to bull runs, with further ones possible in the next few years.

Those who get involved with live Terra casino sites know that their winnings could be worth far more in the future than today.

Keep banks out of the loop

Unfortunately, banks immediately know about your casino usage the second you use a card or bank transfer to deposit.

In most cases, financial institutions penalize individuals who spend money on online playing.

If such a transaction appears on your bank statement, you may find yourself disqualified from loans in the future.

Live dealer Terra casinos keep your hobby a secret, which can make all the difference.

Terra usage takes banks out of the equation as they have no idea what you’re doing with the money.

Also, the level of personal information you must provide to top-rated live Terra casino sites is rather low.

Standard casinos, on the other hand, make things more challenging as they have to follow Know Your Customer (KYC) rules.

Modern Websites

If you appreciate modern design, you’ll love playing on live Terra casino websites.

Good customer service is also essential so you can quickly and easily get your questions answered and problems resolved.

After all, happy customers are long-term customers, and that’s what every top-rated live LUNA casino strives for.

The best part is that the top-rated live dealer LUNA casinos also offer end-to-end crypto.

In other words, you can deposit, play with, and withdraw using Terra.

Better transactions

Nowadays, conventional casinos are far behind the curve for providing a worthwhile transaction experience.

They restrict users with high fees, slow processing times, and limits on withdrawals and deposits.

Live casinos with LUNA are an entirely different affair, with transactions designed to be as straightforward and rewarding as possible.

Transaction fees

Fees for wagering with LUNA are only a small fraction of what banks charge.

Even so, using Terra might involve some fees, such as charges associated with payment processing and mining.

If the casino oversees processing transactions, there is an additional 1-3% fee.

However, this particular expenditure primarily concerns withdrawals rather than deposits.

One concerning issue relates to casino sites that convert Terra in fiat; these sites normally add a high transaction fee.

If casino sites don’t enable you to use crypto for some games, it means you have to change it into fiat, a process that will cost you lots of money.

We recommend checking our reviews to discover the best companies that allow LUNA use on 100% of their games.

Transaction speed

Traditional casino websites are slow due to processing times by banks and credit cards.

While live Terra casinos typically have near-instant, unrestricted transactions, banks may prohibit you from using your funds.

Certain cryptos have a faster transaction time than others.


Playing online with fiat may result in limits on transactions.

Whenever live Terra casinos have limits, which is not always the case, they are usually fairer.

Terra Bonuses

Live Terra casino sites have low fees, which means bigger bonuses for players compared to conventional casinos.

Consequently, using Terra could also save you money.

Using Terra (LUNA) On Casino Sites: Upsides And Downsides

If you have never deposited Terra to a casino site, it might seem like a tricky procedure.

It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of Terra playing before you make your first deposit.

Terra: What is it?

Terra might be a familiar name to many, but what exactly is Terra and the associated Luna coin?

Luna is the native token of Terra protocol, and it is used for staking.

Luna coins are used to balance out the supply of the Terra stablecoins.

Value of Terra stablecoins is pegged to fiat currencies, but the price of Luna can change.

You can use both Terra stablecoins and Luna coins for gambling.

Pros of Terra

Let’s analyze some of the advantages of playing with Terra.

Terra is mainstream

Terra’s value will quite likely keep a certain level even if the market plummets, as it is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies.

Terra is likely to be added to many more casinos in the future.

Because Terra is making online payments more convenient, you can soon use your winnings on several shopping sites.

Terra is fast

Terra’s transaction speed is one of the biggest advantages when using it on casino websites.

Some cryptocurrency payments can take hours, but Terra transactions generally take only seconds.

In theory, the Terra blockchain can handle up to 10,000 transactions per second.

Though right now, the network only processes up to a thousand transactions per second with an average block time of six seconds.

Terra is widely accepted on crypto Casino Websites

Terra is one of the largest cryptocurrencies and it is widely accepted on casinos.

Because cryptocurrencies are getting more popular, the number of Terra casinos is growing bigger.

Disadvantages of Terra

Terra is a very promising cryptocurrency, but it has its flaws.

Heavy fee structure

The fees charged for Terra transactions are relatively low.

However, the fee structure can a bit confusing, as there are different types of fees to pay.

Therefore, it is important to learn how the Terra fee structure works before playing with Terra.

Penalizing offline validators

If Terra validators are constantly offline, they can be penalized, or slashed the Terra community calls the procedure.

Slashing cuts some of the validators’ Luna coins, which are then lost.

If you lose Luna coins because of slashing, the less there you have to play with.

The price can go up or down

While the value of Luna can rise, there are no guarantees of that happening.

But as the old saying goes, the past is no guarantee for the future.

With that in mind, you should be aware that the price can go either way.

Even though Terra’s value has an upper limit, it is impossible to know what that limit is.

Playing blackjack

If you’ve ever seen a movie or TV program involving a casino, chances are, one of the actors will talk about blackjack.

Developed in France over 250 years ago, blackjack is THE card game for casino lovers.

The aim of the game is simple: Get a score of up to 21 AND ensure it is a higher total than what the dealer has.

Jacks, Queens, and Kings are worth 10 points, Aces are worth 1 or 11 points, and every other card retains its usual value.

Should you reach a total of 21, the majority of casinos will award you a 50% bonus.

However, please note that a total of 22 or more means you are ‘bust’ and lose your money unless the dealer also goes bust.

Interested in blackjack but aren’t sure of how to play? Never fear! We’ve collected a handful of fast tips to improve your chances of success.

The blackjack playbook

  • Don’t take another card with a score of 12-16 if the dealer’s score is 2-6

  • However, you need to hit between 12 and 16 if the dealer holds a 7 and an Ace

  • If you have two 8s or two Aces, you must split them

  • The casino wants you to take insurance as it boosts their edge; so don’t do it

  • A dealer can hit a good or bad run at any time, so when you join a table, start with small stakes to judge what’s happening

What is live blackjack?

Adding a professional blackjack dealer to an all-time classic casino game and streaming it live has predictably become popular.

Live dealer blackjack involves the game you love but with the bonus of seeing an expert dealer in action.

Casinos that offer this form of blackjack enable you to take on the dealer in real-time.

Amid your quest to score 21, you can make friends by talking to others via live chat.

There is no difference between live dealer blackjack rules and the standard online or land-based form.

However, if you don’t have a good grasp of the game, we recommend learning the basics to improve your chances of winning.

The good aspects of live blackjack

Proponents of live dealer blackjack point to the following plus points:

  • You can embrace the casino experience without leaving your living room

  • The 24/7 nature of live blackjack on some casino sites means you can always get a game

  • It feels as if the dealer is sitting across from you, so it is easy to communicate

  • Most sites have several dealers to choose from, so find your favorite and get started

  • You can leave the table with your winnings without feeling guilty about not tipping the dealer

Negative aspects of live blackjack

Although live dealer blackjack is growing in stature, it still has a few kinks to iron out:

  • Gameplay remains slower than what you’ll experience on regular online blackjack

  • Even though you can visit a table almost any time, there can be queues

  • The maximum playing limits might prove too small for major players

  • You can’t rely on any traditional ‘edges’ because live dealer Terra casino sites tend to use continuous shuffling machines

  • Yes, the dealer is aesthetically pleasing; no, there’s no chance of a date!

Roulette: What you need to know

Even though roulette, with French origins, is centuries old, its popularity in casinos endures.

There are two wheels, the American wheel, and the European version, with the latter the best option to play on given the higher chance of winning.

Casinos enjoy a bigger advantage with the two-zero American wheel than the single zero European one.

Roulette is simple to play but hard to master as you need to know more about odds and the laws of probability.

Keep reading to learn more about Inside and Outside plays, along with the likelihood of winning in percent on a European roulette wheel.

How to win in roulette – Outside bets

Making an outside bet involves taking one of the options at the outer edge of the roulette betting table.

Here are five such plays which equate to a smaller payout but carry increased odds of winning:

  • Bet on Color: Choose red or black and double your money in the event you’re right, although there’s a 51.35% chance you’re wrong

  • Even/Odd: Will the ball land on an even or odd number? The chances of you being right are about 48.65%

  • High/Low: Select between 1 and 18 or 19 and 36 to see if you can beat the odds (there’s a 51.35% chance you lose)

  • The Dozens: Select 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36 and hope the ball doesn’t land on zero for a 32.43% chance of success

  • Column Bet: If you’re feeling lucky and think you can beat the 67.57% chance of losing, try to predict which one of the three columns the ball will land in

How to win in roulette – Inside bets

These are long odds plays located on the betting table’s inner section.

Some roulette users love the adrenaline rush that comes with the high risk/high reward nature of the following inside bets:

  • Straight Up: The lowest odds bet of the bunch involves picking a single number to win. You get 36 times your wager back if successful, but there is only a 2.7% chance of this happening

  • Split Bet: This is like Straight Up, but you pick two adjoining numbers, giving you a 5.41% chance of glory

  • Street Bet: Select three numbers in a row (like 1, 2, and 3) and hope for the best with an 8.11% chance of winning

  • Corner Bet: Place a chip on a corner where four numbers touch each other; you have a 10.81% chance of collecting

  • Double Street: Choose two rows of three numbers and cross your fingers as the percentage chance of profiting is 16.22%

Your guide to live roulette

Live roulette is fast becoming the casino game of choice for those seeking a more immersive experience.

It is becoming a big part of certain casinos who can see that live dealer games are becoming a big trend.

Creating live roulette involves putting a wheel into a room and adding webcams, digital software, and RFID sensors.

Once you connect to live roulette, you can see a professional croupier who acts like they would in a land-based casino.

With various camera angles, close-ups, and chat options, you’re treated to a complete overview of the action.

Apart from European and American roulette, you may find lesser-known versions of the game on live dealer LUNA casino sites.

Why choose live roulette?

Here are some of the main advantages of live roulette compared to land-based and standard online versions:

  • A greater level of interaction with the croupier and your fellow players

  • Reputable live Terra casino websites provide provably fair games, so you can trust what you see on the screen

  • The site’s software helps track the results of previous spins

  • You benefit from a realistic casino experience one can’t get from conventional online roulette

  • The live chat option only adds to the ‘social’ aspect of the game

Cons of live roulette

Although live dealer roulette offers many benefits, it isn’t perfect, as these small downsides illustrate:

  • Limited player numbers mean that you’re not automatically guaranteed a seat at the table

  • A strong Internet connection is essential; otherwise, you will experience lags in the stream

  • You might find that the minimum playing limits are higher on live roulette than traditional online roulette

  • Even if your Internet speed is fine, the live casino site that accepts Terra could experience problems with its connection

  • The nature of live dealer roulette means the game moves more slowly than with the computerized version