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In this TerraUSD casino guide, you’ll find the best sites of 2022.

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How to Choose Your Favorite TerraUSD Casinos

It is important to consider various criteria to ensure you find a safe UST casino website that meets your expectations.

Our recommendations focus on the following features.

From there, it is a question of knowing what your preferences are.

We created this guide because we know it is difficult to find an easy-to-use, enjoyable and trustworthy TerraUSD casino.


With so many casino websites accepting TerraUSD to choose from, it is essential to learn about each one’s reputation.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of scam sites keen to take your hard-earned money.

A big part of our review process involves looking through a website’s online reputation.

We look through real player reviews, highlighting any red flags associated with a company, to ensure you discover legit casinos with TerraUSD.

Another important step involves outlining whether casinos accepting UST have high-quality licensing.

The caliber of online casino licenses varies significantly.

We look into the standard of licensing held by UST casinos, along with the number of valid licenses they have.

Our team also speaks to real players of TerraUSD casinos to give us a first-hand account of what they experienced.

Ultimately, our painstaking process involves a commitment to using casinos, detailed research, and discussions with former or current users.

As a result, we’re confident that the review you see accurately represents what you can expect when you start playing on a site.


Unfortunately, laws determine whether casinos are legal, and they vary depending on your location.

Consequently, you’ll find that some places allow every TerraUSD casino while others allow none.

Therefore, we’ve thoroughly researched each casino with UST to show you what’s available in your location.

You can select your preferred location at the top, right-hand side of this page.

Click the flag and choose your country. We filter our suggestions to only display sites available in your location.

The many aspects of UX

When you’re playing online, you want variety, and that is why we’ve included casinos with UST with plenty of options to keep you entertained.

We have done the research to ensure you will have a fantastic player experience on these UST casinos.

A great experience involves more than just variety. That’s why we tell you how each casino website ranks for several factors.

Deposit/withdrawal options

Virtually all casino sites enable you to use a debit/credit card or a bank transfer as payment methods.

Yet, the above is no longer enough, with users expecting a great deal more from online casino websites.

We check out which payment options you have, emphasizing the cryptos you can use.

Also, we provide an insight into how long transactions take, most notably withdrawal times.

Is the TerraUSD casino site likely to make things easy, or do you face an irritatingly lengthy waiting period?

We guarantee that you’ll know the answer as soon as we do!

Customer service

Imagine hitting a slots jackpot, but your account isn’t credited with the right amount.

All the glitz and glamor in the world won’t make you feel better if the UST casino site’s customer support team isn’t available to help.

We rate the speed of response, not to mention the level of training a customer service agent has.

In addition, we check out the types of support available and inform you if the company is lacking in this department.

Game quality and quantity

Although the available games don’t determine your entire experience, they remain an important aspect.

Therefore, we always analyze casinos with UST to ensure they provide the ideal mix of impressive game volume and quality.

Ideally, the site will have a large number of games along with a strong selection of highly-rated titles.

Accordingly, we start by ensuring that the UST casino site in question has a few thousand games, as this is what top-rated sites tend to provide.

Then we dig into the caliber of the games, emphasizing what current players think.

Bonuses & promotions

Successful UST casino sites understand the value of offering customers useful bonuses.

To this end, we look at:

  • The quality of the welcome bonus

  • The level of restrictions attached to bonuses

  • The frequency and quality of special offers and promotions

  • Whether the VIP program is worthy of the name

Once we have the above information, it becomes easier to give you accurate insights into the site.

The Benefits of Using TerraUSD Casinos

Our list of top-rated casinos that accept UST provides an assortment of options for your enjoyment.

Yet, there’s more to casinos than the games they offer.

Online casinos must meet other criteria to become known as the best.

TerraUSD casinos usually have more to offer than traditional sites.

This fact alone may have you ready to give TerraUSD sites a try.

Please keep the following information in mind when choosing your favorite casino websites accepting UST from our list.

Financial freedom

Most UST casino customers feel they benefit from more financial independence and privacy compared to fiat.

Here are two things TerraUSD does that fiat cannot.

Shield yourself from problems with inflation

Record inflation is causing people to reflect upon the ever-reduced spending power of fiat.

UST advocates suggest it acts as security against inflation.

Admittedly, digital assets remain volatile in the short to medium term but could prove a valuable long-term investment.

Investors often speak about the famous bull market, which happens when prices rise, leading to further investment.

With crypto, it is possible to ride this bull market, with the possibility of large gains in a short timeframe.

The digital currency market has already experienced bull runs in its relatively short history.

Certainly, lucky UST casino users might find their winnings grow in value due to the rise of digital money.

Keep banks out of the loop

If you enjoy using online casinos, using a debit/credit card or bank transfer could get you into trouble.

Indeed, most financial institutions won’t permit you to use your funds on any casino website.

As soon as evidence of such transactions becomes available to the bank, you can forget about being approved for future loans.

UST casino sites keep your hobby a secret, which can make all the difference.

Using UST makes it virtually impossible for the bank to know what you’re using your money for.

Also, the level of personal information you must provide to top-rated UST casino sites is rather low.

In contrast, conventional casino websites ask for many details due to KYC or Know Your Customer protocols.

Superior Customer Service and Modern Design

If you’re tired of the same boring designs, you’ll appreciate playing on casinos with UST for their modern look and feel.

You’ll also love having access to professional customer service staff who are trained to answer all of your questions promptly.

After all, happy customers are long-term customers, and that’s what every top-rated casino accepting UST strives for.

UST casino users will also enjoy the end-to-end crypto feature.

End-to-end crypto means you can deposit, use, and withdraw UST.

More affordable transactions

Nowadays, conventional casino websites are far behind the curve for providing a worthwhile transaction experience.

Apart from ludicrously high fees, they take ages to process withdrawals and limit what you can put in and take out.

UST casinos offer a far more encouraging experience by bringing transactions into the modern era.

Transaction speed

As regular casinos transact with banks and credit cards, their processing times are longer.

Credit cards and banks will often prohibit your use of a site or even hold your funds, but TerraUSD casinos make instant transactions possible.

Certain cryptos have a faster transaction time than others.


Playing online with fiat may result in limits on transactions.

Whenever TerraUSD casino sites have limits, which is not always the case, they are usually fairer.


When you choose to register with UST sites, you avoid the high charges for making bank transfers and other fees.

Of course, certain mining and payment processing fees are still involved when using TerraUSD.

In addition, you can expect to pay up to 3% of your deposit in fees if the casino is in charge of processing transactions.

However, this particular expenditure primarily concerns withdrawals rather than deposits.

One concerning issue relates to casino sites that convert UST in fiat; these sites normally add a high transaction fee.

Some casinos insist you don’t use crypto in certain instances, exposing you to a costly fiat switch.

It is best to read our reviews to determine which reputable sites give you the chance to use UST on every game.

Bonuses for using TerraUSD

Because casinos with TerraUSD have fewer fees and restrictions, they can offer more lucrative bonuses to their players than traditional casinos.

Consequently, using UST could also save you money.

What Selection of Games Do TerraUSD Casinos Provide?

Lower fees, greater privacy, and faster transaction times are important parts of a user’s experience.

Nevertheless, if your casino company provides low-quality games or a poor selection, everything else becomes irrelevant.

Indeed, this was a big issue when UST casinos first came on the scene.

It isn’t a problem with today’s TerraUSD casino sites as they can easily match and sometimes surpass standard sites regarding game choice and quality.

Each site that ranks high on our list achieves a perfect balance and will keep you entertained for hours.

We’ve found sites with several thousand games; most importantly, they provide all-time casino favorites.


If you watch TV or have seen a movie about casinos, you’ve likely heard of blackjack.

It was probably created in France in the 1700s and is regarded as the #1 casino card game.

The aim of the game is simple: Get a score of up to 21 AND ensure it is a higher total than what the dealer has.

Aces are worth a single point or 11; numbered cards keep their value, while Jacks, Queens, and Kings are worth 10 points.

If you’re lucky enough to get 21, you can expect the casino to add 50% to your winnings as a bonus.

You lose your entire stake if you go ‘bust’ with a score of 22 or higher unless the same thing happens to the dealer.

Good blackjack play is indeed difficult, but we’ve compiled a few tips to help you on your way.

Winning at blackjack

  • If you have a score of between 12 and 16, stand if the dealer’s total is between 2 and 6

  • Accept an extra card on 12-16 if the dealer has an Ace and a 7

  • Always split if you receive a pair of Aces or a pair of eights

  • Avoid accepting insurance as this lowers your chances of being profitable

  • Dealers go through hot or cold streaks, so it pays to start the game conservatively


Even though roulette, with French origins, is centuries old, its popularity in casinos endures.

There are two wheels, the American wheel, and the European version, with the latter the best option to wager on given the higher chance of winning.

That’s because the 38-number American version with two zeroes offers a higher house edge than the 37-number European wheel with a single zero.

Although the game is simple, it pays to learn more about the different roulette playing options and their chances of winning.

To simplify matters, we’ve divided things into Inside and Outside wagers and offered a percentage chance of winning on a European wheel.

How to win in roulette – Outside bets

An outside bet is one you make on the betting table’s outer edge.

The following plays give you a higher chance of winning, albeit with a lower potential payout:

  • Red/Black: This is arguably the most popular option and involves betting on red or black, with a 48.65% chance of guessing correctly

  • Odd or Even: Pick an odd or even number; the casino’s edge is about 2.7% because you lose if the ball lands on zero

  • 1-18 or 19-36: This is another so-called 50/50 option that is 51.35/48.65 in the house’s favor

  • Dozen Bet: Will the ball land in the first, second, or third dozen? Guess what? Your chance of losing is now 67.57%

  • Column Bet: Select any one of the three available columns in a bet that offers the same odds as a dozen bet

Winning in roulette - Inside bets

If double or nothing isn’t exciting enough for you, look at the inside of the betting table for the big odds plays.

Some roulette users love the adrenaline rush that comes with the high risk/high reward nature of the following inside bets:

  • Straight Up: This is the ultimate risky bet with just a 2.7% chance of winning but a payout of 36 times your investment

  • Split Bet: Pick any two numbers on the table that are next to each other; you can win 18 times your stake back, but there’s only a 5.41% chance of this happening

  • Street Bet: Pick any three horizontal numbers (such as 1, 2, and 3) for an 8.11% chance to win

  • Corner Bet: Pick four numbers in a block, such as 17, 18, 20, and 21, and see if you get fortunate with a 10.81% chance to win

  • Double Street: Select any six numbers from two horizontal rows for a 5/1 payout opportunity, although there’s an 83.78% chance you won’t collect


The slot machine has existed in one form or another since the 19th century, with Charles Fey’s Liberty Bell machine among the most famous.

While today’s casinos with TerraUSD are different from Fey’s machine in many ways, there are also similarities.

After all, the goal is still to win money from certain combinations on the reels after selecting your stake and pressing ‘play.’

The slots playbook

Some slots games are more generous than others, so take some time to read their paytables.

Should the available prizes disappoint you, look through the site to see if there is anything better.

You have this luxury due to the immense number of games provided by the best TerraUSD casinos.

If you’re successful with a spin, your winnings are immediately added to top up your balance.

If you dream of earning a fortune, consider slot games that offer progressive jackpots.

You can win six or seven-figure sums if you’re incredibly lucky.


This casino game is associated with elegance and was created sometime between the 15th and 19th centuries.

You have the option to risk TerraUSD on the player or the banker, and both are dealt two cards.

The best score is 9, and you may have the option of receiving a third card depending on the initial totals of the banker and player.

While you go ‘bust’ in blackjack when your total is too high, this isn’t the case in baccarat if your score is 10+.

Rather, the second digit becomes your score; for instance, 17 is 7 in baccarat.

Aces are worth 1 point, face cards (J, Q, and K) and 10s earn no points, while numbered cards retain their value.

Punto Banco is the most popular form of baccarat, although TerraUSD casinos may offer Chemin de Fer or Baccarat Banque.

There is a learning curve attached to baccarat, so here are some hints to help familiarize you with the game.

How to win at baccarat

  • Always side with the banker as it offers a lower house edge than the player unless the casino charges a higher commission on banker bets

  • Avoid risking TerraUSD on the Tie as it provides the worst value for money

  • Remember that most casinos shuffle the deck after each bet, so there’s no reason to memorize patterns

  • Strategies such as 1326, D’Alembert, and Labouchere won’t work in the long term, so avoid using them

  • Remember that Chemin de Fer and Baccarat Banque are different from Punto Banco, so it may not pay to use the same strategy on all three

Video poker

William Redd is accredited with establishing video poker in the 1970s.

By the end of that decade, Redd’s company, Sircoma, had introduced a game called Draw Poker.

Video poker is based on classic five-card poker games, and you can easily get involved without leaving your living room.

A pair of Jacks is usually the minimum needed to win, but TerraUSD casinos often have other versions with different rules.

A Royal Flush provides you with the biggest win, with hands such as a Straight Flush and 4 of a Kind also potentially lucrative.

In certain land-based casinos, video poker is one of the few games that could provide long-term profit with skilled play.

Admittedly, some online casino websites will always have an edge in video poker, but you can reduce their advantage by following these tips.

How to win on video poker

  • Try to determine the house edge for the poker game you’re interested in before depositing

  • Check the paytable; certain games offer bigger payouts for hands such as a Flush or Full House than others

  • Slow down your play; this ensures you make better decisions, instantly reducing the house edge

  • If you receive a pair and a face card (J, Q, K) or an Ace, only hold the pair and discard the other cards

  • Discard all five cards if none of them include a J, Q, K, or Ace, unless you already have a pair or a possible flush/straight

Using TerraUSD on Casino Sites: Pros And Cons

Making deposits and withdrawals with TerraUSD can seem daunting if you have never done it before.

First, you should make yourself familiar with the pros and cons of TerraUSD playing.

What Is TerraUSD?

Here is a short description of TerraUSD.

TerraUSD is a stablecoin, meaning the coin’s value is pegged to a fiat currency – in this case the the US dollar.

The Terra protocol’s native token, Luna is used as collateral for the stablecoins.

TerraUSD brings a scalable and yield-bearing stablecoin to casinos for the first time.

TerraUSD is not the first stablecoin under the same protocol, as it was first tested with TerraKRW, which is pegged to the Korean won.

Advantages of TerraUSD

Let’s take a look at the pros of playing with Terra.

Terra is a popular stablecoin

One reason behind TerraUSD’s popularity is the fact that it solves some issues that the other stablecoins don’t.

As a scalable stablecoin, the popularity of TerraUSD is likely to grow much faster than any other stablecoin’s.

The main aim of TerraUSD is to make decentralized finance available to millions of people all around the world.

Terra ecosystem is very versatile

The Terra ecosystem is not only about TerraUSD.

Stablecoins using the Terra ecosystem share the same liquidity, so you can exchange TerraUSD for TerraKRW and vice versa.

Additionally, Terra is used in different Web3 and NFT projects on top of decentralized finance applications.

Compare these features with other stablecoins, and you will notice the difference between TerraUSD and the rest.

TerraUSD bears a yield

TerraUSD users can utilize a savings protocol called Anchor to earn a yield.

Use Anchor to earn a yield and you will have more TerraUSD to play with.

The cons of TerraUSD

TerraUSD is one of the most promising stablecoins but it has its disadvantages.

Limited adaptation outside of Asia

TerraUSD and TerraKRW are very popular in Asia, but not so much in the Americas or Europe.

The reason could be the fact that the company behind TerraUSD put a lot of effort into its Korean counterpart before launching TerraUSD.

The fact that the adoption of TerraUSD has been quite slow so far might give an edge to the competitors.

No one can predict the future

There have been accusations of missing audits regarding some other stablecoins.

Although TerraUSD has not been suspected of any wrong-doing, it might fall under some scrutiny at any point.

There is a lot of competition

TerraUSD is not the first stablecoin out there, and it will not be the last as the number of competitors is growing.

As a result, users might have difficulty understanding the differences between different alternatives.

Therefore, it is imperative to make sure you choose a stablecoin supported by your choice of casinos.

Certainly, there will be more stablecoins launched in the future, giving you more choices as to which coin to play with.